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  • Summary of Mr. Koh’s Essay Writing Skills for A Level Economics

Summary of Mr. Koh’s Essay Writing Skills for A Level Economics

  • by Bruno Lee
  • 7 Months ago
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Students usually face two types of fear in essay- writing:

  1. Shortage of time
  2. Writing unnecessary information

The application of Mr. Koh’s economics tuition writing approaches helps Economic students a better understanding to deal with these situations.

To recap:

 “Time is running out!”

  • Economics tuition students ought to learn definitions and diagrams with the goal that they don’t sit idle reviewing or disgorging aimlessly in any expectation of making a big score.
  • Quality and not quantity matters. Utilize the once-over to make sure everything seems ok to abstain from off-topic writing and ensure that students do exclude extra passages that don’t answer the inquiry.
  • Planning a presentation that compresses your article gives you a better understanding of how much time you require to complete the paper, and whether certain focuses should be ignored

“Am I writing out of point?”

  • Identify and apply the approach of 1-down to deal with keywords so you completely understand the context of the question. This way to separate an idea into its 2-parts. E.g. for material ways of life, we can separate it into material and non-material perspectives, while for impact on consumers, we can separate it into effect on consumer surplus, assortment, and quality.
  • Apply the sanity check to each sentence topic to abstain from guiding off-point when composing the description.
  • The summary outlines the article. On the off chance that you are not ready to design the introductory part that answers the question reasonably, pick another question.
  • Summarize, again summarize and realize.

 Introduction (summary of the essay)

  • Topic Sentences (summary of the paragraph)
  • Paragraph (realize your point in full through inclusion the 4 components – DDEE).
  • This approach helps the learning of Economics students to continually eyeball the question as they start composing the Information.
  • The rationale is like driving – if your eyes are continually centered around the street, it is difficult to guide off the route.

Mr Koh’s economics tuition is the best place to learn essay writing skills such as this, and you will sorely need them in you A-level examinations.

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