May 25, 2019
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  • H1b visas are skewed towards highly educated people

H1b visas are skewed towards highly educated people

  • by Bruno Lee
  • 1 year ago
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After Trump took office, he made many reforms to the h1b policy, which greatly tightened the h1b visa (also known as h1b签证) quota. In the new policy, the US government will adjust the lottery order. In the first round, applicants who have obtained graduate degrees or above from various universities in the United States will first draw 20,000. If they do not win, they can join other domestic or foreign universities. Those with a degree or above will participate in the second round of 65,000 regular places. The new lottery order will be changed to the first round of 65,000 quotas as long as there are domestic or foreign universities and above. In the first round, there is no winning, but those who hold master’s degree or above in various US universities can participate. The second round of 20,000-odd lottery. This sequence of operations can increase the success rate of high-degree holders who graduate from American universities by 16%. The US Department of Homeland Security has also clearly stated that such new programs that change the order of lotteries will increase the number of passers-by who hold graduate degrees or above in US universities. The number of those who hold a bachelor’s degree from a US university and a master’s degree or below in a foreign university will decrease.

There is still a chance to immigrate to the United States through study abroad, but it is quite difficult. It is necessary to compete with hundreds of thousands of students for H1B visas. If you are a STEM student, you can have more opportunities. Is there any way to do it once and for all? That is to get the green card status early! However, as everyone knows, the green card application is more difficult, the requirements are very strict, and the green card schedule (also known as 绿卡排期) is also very long. It takes a long time to apply, so everyone needs to pay attention to the immigration schedule (also known as 移民排期). Or you can entrust an immigration law firm to help you. You can find many articles on immigration law firm evaluation (also known as 移民律所测评) on the Internet, or you can find the answer in the recommended law firm of mitbbs eb23. Many people use their personal experience to do it for everyone. For example, the evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of NYIS Law Firm (also known as纽约小纽律师事务所).

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