February 18, 2019

Qualities of an ideal tutor

  • by Bruno Lee
  • 12 Months ago
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There is no doubt that a clear concise teaching clarifies, reinforces and crystallizes concepts. The performance of students not only reflects the ability of students but is a reflection of efforts and hard work put in by the teachers as well. An ideal tutor should always try to identify the reasons for the unsatisfactory performance in exams by students. Personal interactions and playing on strengths of students, the tutor should encourage and involve them and make them realize their latent potential.

This is precisely what we do at Mr. Khemistry which is one of the most reputed institutes for H2 chemistry tuition Singapore. Here, our dedicated teachers explain tough concepts in a simplified manner with extreme patience. Tutors with us go extra mile to help students struggling with problems even while away from institute.

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