July 14, 2018

Why Do You Need A Brand Evangelist?

  • by Bruno Lee
  • 2 Years ago
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There is no destination for developing an HR brand. It is an ongoing journey that is worth all the effort and time you put into it. It is a significant cog in building an effective and engaging personnel management framework and it will, in time, help your organization shine by exceeding expectations. The age of human resources marketing has come into play, you clearly need a brand evangelist just not for your brand identity but also your employer brand. This is where a face of the company comes to play in employer brand and the brand identity on the whole. A brand evangelist is that owner or CEO who replaces the logo, the copy which is just identical copies from your competitors to a more relatable and real side for your company. This person tells your candidates what the brand stands for and why they wish to make this change. Think Steve Jobs.

Social Media & Brands

When social media was in its infancy, most leaders of the time just viewed the platforms as just toys for the teens but as the younger generations are getting added into the workforce the role of social media is just inevitable. The traditional Top skills find it difficult to immerse into the new waters and here is where your brand evangelist comes to play. They use new media to connect with employees and market easily with opinions and stands making your faceless enterprise to a more humane and relatable brand that builds a culture that is attractive to today’s millennial workforce.

Social media is changing Brands.

HR Brand Heads need to learn how to build deep, personal, two-way connections with employees. It is always the consumers and employees together that influence pricing, packaging, platforms of engagement and even the time to market. The failure to engage employees with the same level of gusto means leaving out one important part of the brand ambassadors. Evangelists can address this gap.

Telling the right stories

The greatest brand evangelists of the time are a great mix of deep expertise of a subject plus marketing savvy. That gives them the credibility to speak about their subject with authority. Their credibility rubs off on the brand. However, it is these people who are the ones that attract the crowds at conferences. Leverage them.

A chance at redemption

In the digital world, a single tweet can destroy the reputation of a brand that has been built over years. That is when having a human face allows a brand to be forgiven. However, it is not that any brand evangelist can make up for a poor work culture and leadership but they provide you with a chance for a course correction.

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